Resources for Tracking II

In continuing a previous post, here are more of the classroom tracking tools that we provide at Exeter Humanities Institute (EHI). Feel free to reproduce and use. Please give EHI credit for the trackers.

One further note about the trackers: they are developed by individuals and often reflect the language and priorities of that person. Often a different person finds the categories not-quite-right or the tone a little off. Please take these and adapt them. You might use these as ideas for new trackers you want to develop. If you do, please share them with me! Some of these below have an explantation sheet and others are pretty self-explanatory.

Body Language Tracker: explanation

Body Language Tracker: example

Body Language Tracker: blank for you to use

Instructor Interventions Tracker: blank

Class Interaction Tracker: blank

Group Skills Observation I Tracker: blank

Group Skills Observation II Tracker: blank

Instructor Interventions Tracker: blank

Student Comments Grid Tracker: blank

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